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About Delta Tree Farms, Inc.

Delta Tree Farms is your go-to nursery for hard to find ornamentals, fruit trees, and many California landscape and garden plants. Delta Tree Farms serves landscapers, contractors and home gardeners. We have a highly knowledgeable staff, most of whom have professional certifications or credentials in horticulture from respected schools.


We are a grower of 1 gallon to 36" box container ornamentals, edibles and many trees! Contract growing is also occasionally available.

We have been serving the needs of the landscaping industry for the past 30+ years. With our owner-operated fleet of trucks, we have the ability to ship throughout Central California and surrounding areas directly to residences, nurseries or job-sites. 

We also provide custom potting and delivery for many occasions and events.


Thank you for the opportunity to show you what we have to offer and we look forward to fulfilling all of your nursery needs. 


Come to Lodi and visit.


Take A Virtual Tour of Our Nursery Below!

**Simply click on the image and drag in the direction you want to look. To move forward, place the cursor on the ground and click in the direction you want to walk.**

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