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Plant Availability

Information on Plant Stock


The nursery is regularly stocked with unique and popular plant varieties that are grown at our location, as well as plants we broker-in from other growers.

In order to bring in special orders from a given vendor, we must first build an order large enough to meet the vendor’s minimum order amount before the vendor will ship to us. This process of building an order and getting it shipped usually takes 1-2 business weeks from vendors within our county and 2-3 business weeks from vendors outside our county.  A 50% deposit or full payment may be required in advance. We thank you for your patience as we do our best to fulfill your requests.

If you have a question about ordering or plant availability please call us at (209) 369-6797 or send a message through our contact page.

2023 Rose TREE Availability - Bareroot 

2023 Rose SHRUB Availability - Bareroot 

2023 Fruit Tree Availability - Bareroot 


Outside Plant Suppliers

We order from a large diverse group of growers throughout California and Oregon.

Below are samplings of some of our supplier's 

current stock:

Monterey Bay Nursery

Frantz Nursery

Send us a list of plants you need through the contact page. We will begin the search process and call you with availability and pricing.


We offer Monrovia's online service -

Please check before ordering, we may have the plants in stock.

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